Urgent Telepathy Recordings is a DIY record label created January 2014 by Andrew Byrne of MBD, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio.  This label primarily focuses on the release of harsh noise, power electronics and other forms of experimental music.  This blog will also be the primary source of news concerning my noise project MBD.

Submission Guidelines:

Urgent Telepathy Recordings is currently NOT accepting submissions.  This is subject to change though and a post will be made when I am ready to start accepting new material. 


Trades are always welcome!  Please email me at mbdcontact160@gmail.com if you wish to trade and we can work something out.  Stay up to date with the blog though, as I may not be able to accept trades due to any financial circumstances that may arise.  


Distros; please get in touch!  I am willing to sell items at wholesale prices.  Please get in touch with me at mbdcontact160@gmail.com.

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