Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Distro Updates/First MBD Show of 2016.

Now available in the Urgent Telepathy Distro.

+DOG+ - The Family Music Book Vol 2 CD:

Live recordings of long-running Southern California noise unit +DOG+.  Uncompromising static drones and mania. 

The Croatoan - Always Dreaming CD:

Futuristic, improvisational industrial/psychedelia.

Xome - Double Live Gonzo 2xCD:

Celebrating over 25 years of harsh noise madness from Sacramento's Xome.  A large collection of live recordings from the last decade, Xome proves himself to be one of the most dynamic harsh noise composers the genre has ever seen.

All CDs come from loveearthmusic.  Each release is $7ppd for U.S. orders.  For international orders, please contact me at mbdcontact160@gmail.com for an accurate shipping quote.

Also, the first MBD live performance of the year will be held at Torn Light Records in Bellevue, KY February 27th.  Show starts at 8pm, $5 entry fee.  Other acts performing include Being and Jon Lorenz.  


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

UTR 018: mASScOMM/+DOG+ Split c30

Now available; mASScOMM/+DOG+ split c30.

mASScOMM provides an interesting contrast between blasts of harsh noise and weirdo electroacoustic experiments.  Throughout the track is a narration highlighting the atrocities committed by the CIA from Project MKULTRA to "enhanced interrogation" techniques.  Check out his label, OktoMedia here.

On the B-side, long-running California harsh noise vet +DOG+ crafts an eerie and suspensful drone that crescendos into an all-out assault on the ears.  Check out his label, loveearthmusic here.

Stream/purchase here.

Edition of 35.  $5ppd for U.S. orders.  FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS, PLEASE EMAIL ME AT mbdcontact160@gmail.com FOR AN ACCURATE SHIPPING QUOTE!