Sunday, July 20, 2014

UTR 008: Yporhtnasim - Psalms of Self Mutilation c20

New release from Delaware, Ohio's Yporhtnasim titled Psalms of Self Mutilation. 

Artist's Description:  This project was created to make the most uncomforting sounds as possible. Listeners should have a feeling of sickness, emotion, pain, and hatred as a result. I use samples during the noise to add to this feeling and to get my message across. I don't like people, I hate mankind, I hate society.

Blackened dark ambient/harsh noise.  Edition of 22 dubbed onto type 1 master cassettes, splatter-painted with cadmium red acrylic paint.  Some tapes bloodier than others.  $5ppd for US, $5+$5 shipping for Canada, $5+$10 shipping for international.  Send orders to

Listen to some tracks off the album here

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