Monday, April 21, 2014

UTR 006: Disleksick/Sorcerer Torturer Split c10

The newest Urgent Telepathy release is the most intense one yet!  A split between London, Ontario's noise punk legends Disleksick and Dayton, Ohio's master of gory. brutal noisecore, Sorcerer Torturer.  Disleksick kicks things off on side vomit(A), with their trademark assault of screams, feedback, and blastbeats.  There are even a few slow parts, a rarity for this notorious group.  After six years of activity, this is their 131st release, hopefully with more to come.  Side Piss(B) is Sorcerer Torturer performing his combination of goregrind and noisecore at it's finest.  Blast beats, harsh noise terrorism and vocals delivered straight from the toilet close off this c10.  The founder of Toilet Experience Records has never sounded nastier.  Below is a sample of this disgusting release.

Edition of 100 recorded onto white type 1 master cassettes.  Proceeds from this release are currently going towards the restoration of Papa Chinn's Chili Emporium, which was vandalized during Michigan Grindfest III.  $5 ppd for US, $5+$10 international.  Send paypal orders or general questions to

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