Monday, February 3, 2014

UTR 002: Luthor the Geek c40

The newest release from Urgent Telepathy Recordings has just arrived!  Luthor the Geek's I Like Girls Who Have Been Raped More Than Girls Who Have Not Been Raped is an interesting and sometimes disturbing listen as the title suggests.  Luthor the Geek (or sometimes known as Daddy Luthor) has been a staple of the experimental music scene for many years, having worked with the likes of Iovae and C. Spencer Yeh of Burning Star Core.  On this cassette, Luthor sings tales of heartache, drug use, and riding around country roads listening to Metallica.  Stylistically a very lo-fi album with odd sounding guitars and percussion instruments and a healthy dose of oscillators and feedback.  You can listen to a sample here Released in edition of 22 c40s.  $4 ppd for US orders, $4+$10 for shipping international orders.  Send orders to

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