Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Video from San Antonio Harsh Noise & Power Electronics Fest/Discography Updates

San Antonio was too much fun.  Every act killed it.  Here are two videos of me at the fest.  First one is me at the actual fest, the second one is a collab with Aqua-Eroticum at the post-fest.  I've also updated the UTR discography page here.

Monday, November 9, 2015

You Bought A Seth Putnam Tribute Tape Because You're Gay.

Yep. I'm on an Anal Cunt tribute album along with a lot of other great artists. Check it out.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

UTR 017: Diaphragmatic - Broken Man c30

Newest release from Dayton, OH's master of scrap metal Nate Tandy (one half of Orgasmic Response Unit and owner of the Foxhole Atheism label).  Thirty minutes of raw, unrelenting junk metal destruction.  One of the best acts in the U.S. currently.  Edition of 50.  Comes in a standard Norelco case sealed by an orange sticker.  $5.00ppd for U.S.  For any orders outside the U.S. please contact me at to get an accurate shipping quote.

Listen to/purchase here

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Distro Updates: F/I/T/H, Maurizio Bianchi and More

New items in the distro from Turgid Animal and Bacteria Field.

Fire In The Head - Carrion Wind CD:

"Carrion Wind" is an ambitious work which consolidates the sounds explored with F/I/T/H and Sky Burial into a single project, focusing them into a complex and meticulously composed 63 minute industrial opus, a dark and ominous dirge, both beautiful and brutal, incorporating aspects of metal percussion, dark ambient, drone, doom and industrial electronics. Noticeably absent are Page’s vocals as F/I/T/H takes a more "restrained" approach favoring slow layering of synths, field recordings, guitar loops and electronics to build a tension which occasionally peaks at an explosive level comparable to the shorter tracks of F/I/T/H’s previous releases. $12ppd for U.S.

Tephra - Gravel Bath C-20:

20 minutes of unique noise from Luke Tandy, the label boss for Skeleton Dust Recordings. Harsh gravel spluttering electronics with distant walls filling in the empty space.  $6ppd for U.S. 

Maurizio Bianchi - Mectpyo Cassette Reissue:

Originally released in 1980 as a private cassette using concrete noises and radio waves. Fully authorized reissue by MB. Each cassette was dubbed directly from the only master CDr in existence, which was mailed to the label by the artist. Comes with double sided full color artwork in a 4"x6" plastic bag. Insert included.  $8ppd for U.S.

Please contact me at for international pricing/any other questions.  No trades for these items, supplies are limited.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Digital Release: MBD - August

August by MBD is now available for streaming/download here.  Originally released on cassette in an edition of 12 for a tape swap organized by Scott Kindberg of Silver Moult/Petite Soles

Thursday, July 23, 2015

UTR 016: Developer/MBD Split c10

Split c10 between Dayton's harsh cut-up master Developer and junk metal abuse from Cincinnati's MBD.  Edition of 50. Packaged in 3"x5" resealable polypropylene bag. Contains artwork for each artist and an insert.  $5.00ppd for U.S.  ANYBODY OUTSIDE OF THE U.S. WHO WISHES TO PURCHASE THIS, PLEASE CONTACT ME AT FOR AN ACCURATE SHIPPING QUOTE.  Listen/purchase here.